Why a 'Holding' company?

The primary reason is to enable investors to achieve a return from Asset holdings.

What other reasons?

There are a number, including:

The justifiable mix of Commercial and Charitable facets.

Each needs Early-stage funding.

It is likely to be more efficient to arrange it centrally.

Initially, the Charitable aspects will not be registered as such.

The Founder needs to include a self-administered Trust.

There are Marketing and Publishing Co's. involved.

Consulting will need an ongoing 'wrapper', perhaps a Ltd Co.

Joint Ventures will be via differing project entities.

Separate-entity equity stakes may prove difficult to quantify.

Most entities will need timely conversion into Trust arrangements.

Differing entities will probably share certain incomes.

Completely-fair individual allocations may prove to be impractical.

How will the Holding Co address this impracticality?

By-way-of Quasi Equity agreements.

How will they work?

By predetermining yields that are linked to results.

Why not take equity stakes in the trading companies?

This could be arranged.

What about exits?

They will be prearranged when investments are made.

Would third-party disposal of an interest be possible?

Within legal limits.

What limits?

Shares will not be traded on the Markets.

What yields are envisaged?

They will be negotiated individually

Would fixed-term, fix-yield investments be possible?


On what terms?

On equitable but attractive terms to the investor.

Where income is sought, what sort of yields?

Better than is available generally.

How will the Holding Co. operate?

The aim is to work with established professionals.

How would the investments be allocated?

Quasi-equities will enable funds to be applied where best employed.

What about tangible resources?

DEW Holdings will enable them to be shared as needed.

What about oversight?

Top Legal and Accountancy services will oversee all.

Are there upper, or lower, limits on what resources can be invested?


What about third-party Legacy options?

Most Benevolence will be eligible.


'About' provides additional background.