The Project

Unrecognized by most people, an invaluable resource is overlooked.

It exists as underlying absolute-Core understandings.

They amount to the soundest Bedrock understandings in existence.

Employed expediently, they provide absolute Issue-resolving options.

'DEW Holdings' exists to help further these potentials on a wide-scale basis.

As such, its over-arching role is to serve a matrix of arrangements.

Leading the project is the 'Derek E Whittall' Legacy initiative.

Ownership of Key aspects will be vested in Trusts.

However, the scope of the project justifies focused areas of pursuit.

The commercial aspects embrace:

Marketing of project services.

Publishing of output.

Consultancy that employs the Core material.

The strictly-charitable aspects include:

Charitable provisions to help the most disadvantaged.

A Foundation for teaching the Core usage.

Trust arrangements to sustain the all-embracing philanthropy.

'DEW Holdings' exists to further the in-built synergy.


The Strategy

Adequate resources are essential to advance the overall.

This includes provision for suitable Trustees.

Practicalities will necessitate commercial entities.

This, to enable clearly-defined functions.

They will include management of tangible assets.

Irrespective of detail, needed are 'high-end' skills.

The ideal will be to source professionals for specific tasks.

These can be Exec or Non-exec, on an informal basis.

Professional bodies such as REACH will be approached.

Appropriate individual terms will be agreed.

Ethical Investors will be preferred, again with pre-agreed yields.

The Founder will continue to contribute his extensive know-how.


The FAQs section answers queries