The Project

Seemingly unrecognized by most people, an invaluable resource is being overlooked.

It exists as underlying Core/Bedrock/Universal understandings.

They are the soundest scientifically-supported discoveries in existence.

Employed expediently, they can also provide issue-resolving help.

'DEW Holdings' exists to help further these potentials on a wide-scale basis.

As such, its over-arching role is to serve a matrix of arrangements.

Leading the project is the 'Derek E Whittall' Legacy initiative.

Ownership will be vested in Trusts.

The scope of the project is such that focused areas of pursuit are justified.

The commercial aspects include:

Marketing of project services.

Publishing of output.

Consultancy that employs the Core material.

The strictly-charitable aspects include:

A registered charity to help the most disadvantaged.

An Educational Foundation for teaching the Core usage.

Trust arrangements to further the all-embracing philanthropy.

'DEW Holdings' exists to further the in-built synergy of the project.


The Strategy

Adequate resources are needed to advance the objectives overall.

This includes provision for the needs of suitable Trustees.

Practicalities will necessitate holding equity in the commercial entities.

This, in preference to creating conflicting interests between them.

In addition, tangible project facilities are best managed by the one entity.

Irrespective of specific detail, needed are 'high-end' skills.

The ideal will be to collaborate with semi-retired professionals for specific tasks.

These can be Exec or Non-exec, on an informal basis.

Such as REACH, and other professional bodies, will be approached.

Individual provisions and returns will be agreed, as is appropriate.

In addition, Ethical Investors will be preferred, again with pre-agreed yields.

In each instance, the founder will contribute his extensive experiences.


The FAQs section answers queries